Due to COVID-19 we are reducing our number of appointments to only 3 per day in our sanitized facilities. The use of mask is mandatory as well as social distancing when meeting with us, we also suggest the use of gloves and hand sanitizer as a measure of prevention, failure to comply with any or all of these measures will result in the immediate cancellation of any appointment or student dismissal of their class session for the day.

Our Professional Modeling training has also been reduced to a maximum of 3 students per session, students must wear a face mask at all times and use sanitizing gel for hands before entering the facility, the use of gloves and other elements that can increase prevention levels is encouraged during any visit to our facilities. In the meantime, no students, parents or companion to the students are allowed to use any utensils/items available in the kitchen to drink water or eat, they should bring their own.

Once a modeling session is finished, no students, parents or companions are allowed to stay in the facilities, and they should vacate the premises ASAP.

Classes will now be spaced for 1 hour to allow proper sanitation of the premises and better ventilation for the next class group in order to provide a healthier environment to our students.

Should a student feel any symptoms such as fever, dry cough, tiredness, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement and/or other symptoms related to COVID-19 should NOT attend class and call Health Link 811.