Di Benedetto Models has a vast experience in training individuals for the modeling industry as well as preparing many contestants for national and international pageants since the year 2002 until the present time.

Most of our experience comes from previously working under supervision by modeling agents in Venezuela, previous pageants training throughout the years as well as the compilation of modeling & social etiquette bibliography available in the market.

Here is some of our most outstanding work in modeling and pageant coaching:

  • Pageant trainee for Miss Teenage Central Alberta 2020 for Miss Teenage Canada 2020.
  • Official licensee for Miss United Continents since 2018
  • Official licensee for the Miss Grand Canada brand 2016 – 2018
  • Official licensee for Mr. Ocean 2017 brand
  • Official licensee for Miss Petite Universe 2017
  • Pageant trainee for Miss Calgary 2015 to Miss Universe Canada 2015.
  • Pageant trainee for the Alberta contestants to Miss Universe Canada 2014.
  • Pageant trainee for Chica Sur and Chico Sur pageants in Maracaibo – Venezuela, year 2002.

Other than the pageants below, we have also trained several pageant girls for Miss Tropic Beauty and Miss Calgary.