Walking on a fashion show runway and walking on a stage in a pageant are two completely different things. 

In the last 5 years, Di Benedetto Models has trained national and international contestants with very good results in their pageants.

Our pageant coaching program provides all the necessary training a girl needs to become a competitive contestant and stand out from the other.

Note from our pageant coach Angelo:

In my home country (Venezuela), pageant girls train for pageants like athletes do for the Olympics, they need to have a solid nutrition plan, they need to know how to walk, pose, how to do their makeup, how to dress, how to act like public figures, perform in front of a camera, how to smile, in short: how to IMPACT!

If they can do that, they are winning material! It all sounds stressful, yes, but once you make it your lifestyle, it’s like having lunch everyday.

This is what I grew up seeing and learning back home, and this is how I train my girls, I don’t want them to just be contestants, I want them to be winners!

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