The Social Refinement program consists of 8 class sessions in Dining Etiquette, Social Manners, Urbanism and more to strengthen the knowledge and practice of basic norms of social etiquette in the most common environments. This program  not only makes part of the integral education a model should count on but it also allows the students to reinforce personal self-esteem in order to project the image they need at a social or business level. 

Class sessions are theoretical and practical as students will be required to demonstrate a  full knowledge of every subject studied in class in order to be certified by our academy. This program is formed by small group of students per class session with the purpose of offering a more individually focused learning opportunity as well as a more confident participation  by the attendees.

Program length: 12 hours (distributed in 2 months)
Age requirement: +10 years old
Credentials: Certification: of Achievement

Due to COVID-19 regulations and as prevention measures, students will be required to wear face mask on every class, and groups will not exceed  5 people per class session in our previously sanitized facilities. Other prevention measures will take place.