The Agency: Medusa Social Media Inc. acting as Di Benedetto Models.
The Model: the person registering to be part of The Agency’s model roster

For and in consideration of the mutual promises herein contained, the parties hereby agree as follows.

a. For the term of 1 year since signing this contract, The Model hereby appoints and engages The Agency to act as The Model’s exclusive professional manager in the fields of The Modeling (hereinafter referred to as the “Fields”).

b. The Model agrees to seek The Agency’s counsel in regard to all matters concerning The Model’s endeavors in the Fields. The Model shall advise The Agency of all offers of employment submitted to The Model and will refer all inquiries concerning The Model’s services to The Agency.

c. The Agency is hereby granted the exclusive right to use and distribute and allow or license others to make use of and distribute The Model’s name, portrait and pictures in connection with the advertising and/or publicity of The Model in the Fields and in connection with the matters covered by this agreement.

d. The Agency may publicize that it is the exclusive personal manager for The Model, and The Agency may render similar services for others, and engage in other related business or ventures.

e. The Model agrees to provide The Agency with current photographs, comp cards, and tear sheets/advertising, written or other related material for promotional use of The Agency and The Model.

f. The Model shall pay to The Agency a sum equal to twenty per cent (20%) of all monies, fees or other contributions earned by The Model, directly or indirectly, under all contracts of employment entered into during the term of 1 year thanks to The Company, including reuse and
residuals. The Model hereby grants to The Agency a limited Power of Attorney to collect all fees and monies earned or accruing to The Model from all sources governed by this agreement and to remit to The Model the net fee after deducting the aforesaid twenty per cent (20%) commission. This limited Power of Attorney includes the right of The Agency to deposit the proceeds in a general account prior to remitting the balance to The Model. The Model agrees to instruct clients, producers, advertising agencies and/or union office in writing on the face of all job contracts or on the release The Model signs at the time of production to send all fees and monies due to The Model directly to The Agency. This limited Power of Attorney also authorizes The Agency to sign The Model releases on behalf of The Model, and authorize reuse and residuals, whether originated by The Agency or not.

g. It is understood and agreed that The Model is in business for himself/herself and is solely responsible for payment of any and all taxes, whether income, or otherwise.

h. It is further understood and agreed that The Agency is acting as a personal manager only, and does not operate as an employment company.

i. The term of this agreement shall be made for a period of one year, commencing this date the registration form is received on our email dibenedettomodels@gmail.com. The Model may terminate this agreement with thirty (30) days written notice, delivered by registered mail to the address listed on the face of this document. If termination notice is received after a booking or placement has been arranged, The Model agrees to honor that booking/placement or else reimburse The Agency for the double of the amount of the cancellation costs any and all costs incurred or revenue forfeited (including such revenue which may be owing to a client due to incurred expenses as a result of The Model’s cancellation).

j. In the absence of termination notice, this agreement shall continue to be renewed from year-to-year on the anniversary date. The Model is aware that The Agency is entitled to receive a service charge from some or all of the clients who contracts The Model’s services. The Model and The Agency agree that this service charge will not affect The Model’s reimbursement.

k. In acting as The Model’s personal manager, it is understood that The Agency will use reasonable efforts to assist The Model to obtain sub-The Agency placement outside the province of (state or province). In such cases it is understood that with respect to such engagements, The Model need not compensate The Agency as provided in Paragraph 7 hereof, although it is understood that The Agency may be entitled to receive compensation from such other sub-agencies.

l. The Model agrees to conduct himself/herself with propriety and dignity, and to do nothing on an engagement or otherwise that may tend to injure the reputation and goodwill of The Model or The Agency, nor to do any act or thing which impairs The Model’s capacity to at all times fully comply with the terms of this agreement, or which impairs The Model’s physical or mental qualities and abilities. The Model further agrees to abide by all standard rules and policies of The Agency with regard to behavior on castings and engagements. The Agency may, upon five (5) days’ notice to The Model terminate this agreement for breach of this paragraph.

m. The Model understands and agrees that he/she shall not, while this agreement is in force, enter any The Modelling and/or acting contest or competition organized or sponsored by any company other than The Agency, or sign and contest agreements unless The Model has the written permission of The Agency. The Model further agrees that in the event any company other than The Agency offers free training or free out-of-town excursions in connection with The Modelling or acting business, The Model will, before accepting any such prize, consult with, and obtain the written permission of The Agency.

n. A waiver by either of the parties hereto of a breach of any of the provisions herein shall not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach nor a modification of such provision.

o. It is understood and agreed that The Model’s services are extraordinary and unique and there is no adequate remedy at law of a breach of this agreement by The Model, and that in the event of such
a breach or threatened breach, The Agency shall be entitled to equitable relief by way of injunction or otherwise, provided however that nothing herein shall be construed as a waiver of any or all rights which The Agency may have for damages in an action at law or in equity or otherwise.

p. This covenant sets forth the entire agreement between the parties. Should any provision(s) of this agreement be held to be void or not enforceable, such provisions shall be deemed omitted and this
agreement with such provision omitted shall remain in full force and effect. No modification, alteration or amendment of any provisions contained herein shall be valid or binding unless in writing executed by both parties hereto. Both parties warrant that in entering into this agreement they have not been induced by, and are not relying on, any promises, representations or warranties not set forth in writing.

q. The Model warrants that no other binding agreement is in force with any other party which would supersede this agreement.

r. This agreement shall be binding upon both parties hereto, their heirs, successors, assigns, etc.

a. The Model agrees to stay as an exclusive model of The Agency only, for the time this contract is in force, thus The Model can’t work, collaborate or associate to any other modeling agency or school unless allowed in written by The Agency;

b. The Agency has been granted the exclusive right to use The Model’s name, as well as all approve portraits and pictures, TV appearances in connection with the advertising and/or publicity for model;

c. The Agency may publicize that it is the exclusive personal manager for The Model, as well as offer similar services to others in close regard to model without any breach of terms or contract;

d. The Model agrees to update all contact cards, photographs, calendars and any other promotional items on a regular basis as agreed between parties.

a. The Model agrees to pay agency a set percent of 25% of all monies, fees or other contributions received by The Model for the duration of this contract for all the income generated from work related to the modelling industry while this contract is in effect;

b. The Agency shall collect all monies and payments for jobs conducted under this term agreement and will retain agreed payment percentage from said funds;

c. The Model shall, for sake of taxes, state fees, and regulations be considered an individual contractor and will be responsible for all payments of such fees made due;

a. Only 1 adult family member can accompany models under 18 years of age;

b. Adult models are only allowed to bring company during special events or demonstration classes.

a. The Model agrees to provide a respectful attitude to the instructors and any other personnel of The Agency and viceversa;

b. The Agency agrees to provide a respectful environment to all the students during every session and to be an active vigilant of such;

c. Swearing, yelling, bullying of any kind and profanity words and any words of any discriminatory nature in class will be cause of dismissal from class at the Agency’s discretion and upon repeated faults in this sense The Model could be permanently expelled from the course.

a. Models are required to wear in class: black short or long sleeve blouse or t-shirt, round or V-neck (blouses with cleavage or plunge are not accepted); Jeans or lightweight sweat pants; new models must wear sneakers or low height shoes.

b. High heels will be requested upon progress to next levels; shorts are not accepted in class; skirts are accepted as long as they are not too small.

a. Food is allowed in class, if it is deemed to be healthy food; Alcoholic drinks are strictly NOT permitted in class under any circumstances;

b. The Model agrees to keep the space clean if bringing food or non-alcoholic drinks to a session

c. Models under the effect of alcohol or that bring alcohol to the premises will be sent home and expelled from the course.

a. Models who during class show to be under the effects of legal or illegal drugs and show signs of difficulty while: walking, talking, staying awake, blue lips or nails, very small pupils, dizziness and confusion, extreme drowsiness, choking, gurgling or snoring sounds, slow, weak or no breathing, inability to wake up, even when shaken or shouted at, will be dismissed from a class and The Agency agrees to call the emergency contact will call the emergency contact for further decisions in regards to The Model’s health.

a. The Model agrees that a session or group of sessions will be cancelled by sending an email to info@dibenedettomodels.com hours before the session is scheduled to start and it must be confirmed as received by The Agency. Failure to do so will cause class cancellation without refund;

b. The Model agrees to re-schedule a session at least 48 hours before the session has previously been scheduled to start; The Agency agrees to accept any cancellation in less than 24 hours before a session has been scheduled to begin due to force majeure.

a. Termination by The Agency: The Agency may terminate this Agreement by notice in writing to The Model for any of the following reasons:

b. If The Model breaches any obligation or otherwise materially breaches or defaults in the performance of any of the material terms of this Agreement; The Agency may terminate this agreement immediately.

This modeling agency contract is in its entirety the complete agreement between parties. Under no conditions shall modification, alteration or amendment of any provisions contained herein be valid or binding unless in writing containing signatures from both parties involved; Furthermore, The Model warrants that no other binding agreement is in force with any other party which would supersede this agreement.

In no event The Agency, it’s officers, Directors, Consultants, Volunteers, Affiliates or its third party providers be liable for indirect special, punitive or consequential damages of any kind or nature whatsoever, suffered by The Model including, without limitation, injury, pain and suffering, loss of any kind, lost profits, lost data, loss of reputation, work interruption or any other economic loss arising out of or related to this agreement;

The Model shall indemnify and hold The Agency organization harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, costs, court costs, damages, expenses and reasonable legal fees on a solicitor professional fees resulting from or arising out of any claim, demand, proceeding or action made or brought by any Person, against The Agency; The Client will indemnify, defend and hold The Agency harmless from any claim, demands, liabilities, suits or expenses of any kind for personal injury or damage to tangible property to the extent arising from its negligence or willful misconduct on the part of The Model.

Except to the extent expressly authorized by this Agreement, the parties shall keep completely confidential and shall not publish or otherwise disclose, and shall not use for any purpose not contemplated by this Agreement, any Confidential Information that is disclosed by either party to the other party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the requirement to keep the Intellectual Property of the other party confidential shall continue in perpetuity;

Any information sent/received by email or social media or any other means of communication will be kept confidential by The Client as well as The Company reserves all rights to use and distribute such information